Journal/ Prose

For the love that never came

For the love that never was

For the love that never went

(Inspired by Wind, Water, Earth)


why are the planets round?

why do birds fly in circles?

why do ripples expand in circles? 

A circle is feminine,

a symbol of wholeness and totality,

eternal and timeless,

with no start and no end.

the rhythm of the universe flows in a circle.

Fire and Water

there has been another evening like this

where fire wanted water

sapphires wanted rubies

and they met at a periphery

spring and autumn

there are days when I escape to find you,
during spring and autumn

again I am reminded 
you have always been here 

in scents

in songs

in tastes 

San Francisco

pacific was wild and icy

it danced like a woman in love

there was a passion we both shared

it was as deep and vast

i burnt a mint.

enjoyed the noise outside and the calm inside me

New York

There is a dark pit, I keep falling into

I stood in the white with him

this goodbye was different from the last one.

this was the last one.

i drove away, unable to cry.

how do you mourn the death of something that may have not existed?

there was silence, not the comforting one,

the one that is so cold and piercing.

tenderness had left his eyes.


Let’s keep moving

solo or together

through lows and highs

through shaded and sunny slopes

through colours and tones

through rocks and stones

like whispering streams

let’s bloom in barren fields

where water meets sand

let’s keep moving


calm between chaos

that was the state of banaras and me

i was here to let go

sometimes, rituals or a physical act is just a way of truly believing that

its gone.

sitting on the ghats in the evening, watching crowds,

all here to let go,

i let it go.

it was both a sense of an ending and

a sense of a beginning.

a moaning, a joy, a tear, a smile.


rain and garden

bonfire and barbecue

white walls and art

pond and birds

parrots and pigeons

sunset and moonrise

tea and books

you and me


As the rain poured in the golden glass,

blue turned into shades of grey

reality into dreams

i was back with old companions

the moon and pretty lights.

in the dark, the giant hills hid

only lights shone

lullaby of the chirping birds and

the echo of the hymn put me to sleep

London ( translation from french)

In London, there is a street

on that street there used to be my home.

Behind my home was a park,

in the park was a bench

above the bench was a tree

the tree has purple flowers

those flowers had perfume

those scents hold memories.

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